Attention – All Rural Businesses

News article from Sussex Police:

Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team and the newly formed Rural Crime Team, have been working with Sussex Police’s Strategic Business Crime Lead to roll out a new crime prevention app called DISC. The link below provides further information as to the apps functionality.


As a result of our routine collaboration with Wealden District Council, we have been furnished with the details of approximately 350 businesses, typically operating in small retail parks or converted farm premises. As stated, the police, District, Town and Parish councils all feel that you might benefit from becoming part of a local community through affiliation to a bespoke ‘business group’.

The DISC app is a free and secure way to do this, and we know it works. In recent months we have seen hundreds of farming businesses sign up to the system to share information about suspicious vehicles, local crime trends and even report crime.

Why might this be relevant to you?
2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for us all, and 2021 has started in similar vein! We are all be operating under the backdrop of a national lockdown and BREXIT as we enter the New Year.
We can all recognise the challenge of having to adapt to new threats as our normal operating environment has frequently changed in response to fluctuating COVID restrictions. An example of this being the first ‘lockdown’ when many businesses were closed. This rendered (largely vacant) industrial estates and high streets vulnerable to an increased threat of burglary and acquisitive crime. As such police mounted daily patrols of such areas to mitigate against this risk and to provide some reassurance to those staff working in premises that remained open.
What we have learned in 2020 is that facing these challenges is so much easier when done collaboratively and in partnership. Experience also suggests that community safety works best when communities are empowered to own as much of the information sharing and decision making as possible.
What do you need to do now?
At this stage we are seeking to gain the level of interest for two things. There is no cost implication to either.
Please indicate whether you wish to be involved in either, neither or both of the following:
Community Safety Action Group
I wish to be involved in an affiliation of rural businesses in my area in order to receive updates from the local Community Safety Action Group.
I wish to have further contact regarding use of the DISC app and to be part of a local and Wealden wide ‘group’ of rural businesses who can securely receive and share updates about crime and information which may help protect my business.
Your Contact Details:
Please email your response to:

Sparrows Green Recreation Ground

The Wadhurst Parish Council thanks all those who gave their feedback regarding the closure of the Sparrows Green Recreation Ground and takes on board the comments and recognises the strength of feeling this topic has elicited.

This decision was reviewed in detail at the Full Parish Council meeting on Thursday 7th January. After careful consideration, the WPC made a difficult decision to keep the Sparrows Green Recreation Ground closed on the balance of safety concerns versus the understandable requests for the open space and play facilities to be reopened. The WPC realise that this will be disappointing for some residents and would like to reiterate that this is not a decision they take lightly.

Whilst some of the Sparrows Green facilities may be kept open under the national lockdown rules announced by the Prime Minister on the 4th January,  some of the facilities must be closed, creating logistical challenges which the WPC felt could not be resolved safely at this time.

The WPC will continue to explore ways to overcome these safety concerns and the reopening will be reviewed at the next Full Parish Council meeting on the 4th of February.

In the meantime, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and we trust that you understand that the WPC’s main concern is for the safety of our parishioners and we look forward to reopening as soon as it is safe to do so.

Jardin d’Aubers – Suggestions for Improvement.

The Jardin d’Aubers is at the top of the Highstreet and should be a welcoming green space. Being on the main road, it is the first view of the village that visitor sees when coming from the Tunbridge Wells direction. This year as more people were walking in the village, there were many negative comments regarding the area’s look and many questioned if it was being maintained.

The parish council is now evaluating the ongoing maintenance of the area and seeking suggestion from the parishioners for changes that could be made. This includes both the ponds within the garden. Should you wish to have input into this, please send your suggestions to the clerk via email to