Wadhurst Neighbourhood Plan Phase 2 Regulation 14 Consultation – CLOSED

Wadhurst Neighbourhood Plan Phase 2 Regulation 14 Consultation – CLOSED

Phase 2 Regulation, 14 Consultation Period, runs from 14 November 2022 to 03 January 2023 – Closed

Wealden District Council has advised a Phase 2 Regulation 14 Consultation. This is because the Plan has been amended significantly since the summer of 2021 consultation.

  • New policies included
  • Design Code updated
  • Professional consultant reviewed

Message from the Wadhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – What’s Happened since the Summer 2021 Consultation’ outlines some of the activity since that consultation -, please click here:

  • The Plan, the subject of this Phase 2 Consultation, comprises of:
      • The Pre-Submission Version (Click here)
      • Appendix A – Green Gap’s justification (Click here)
      • Appendix B – Detail of residential development in Wadhurst since 01 April, 2013 (Click here)
      • Appendix C – Wadhurst Design Code (Click here).  What is a Design Code?  Please check here to watch a short video of what design code is.   Why do we need a Design Code? (Click here)
        • Please help us by letting us know what you love or hate about Wadhurst’s built environment using our interactive map  Click here.
      • Appendix D – Locally distinctive and highly valued views (Click here)
      • Appendix E – Local Green Spaces (Click here)
  • Sustainability Appraisal (November 2022) (Click here)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Opinion (October 2022) (Click here)
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report (October 2022) (Click here)
  • The Future – what Parishioners Want’ sets out the background to the Plan, summarising the outcome of community engagement and Focus Groups discussions which led to the Plan’s Vision and Objectives (Click here). Note the limitation of Neighbourhood Plans, which are restricted to development and land use only, in addressing these objectives.

Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and related documents are available for viewing in the following locations:

  • Carillon Cottage,
  • Piccolos,
  • and Jempsons.

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