Are you worried about Uplands Academy closing Years 12 and 13?

Dear current and future parents, carers, and pupils of Uplands Academy and all Wadhurst residents

The Wadhurst Parish Council (WPC) have been contacted by the public concerned that Uplands Academy is proposing to close their (Years 12 and 13 in 2025).

We have arranged a meeting to address the questions we have received, including those listed below:

  • Why are the Years 12 and 13 closing? How are they allowed to close? Is this why Uplands became an Academy?
  • Where will our children go for their A Levels? How will they get there?
  • We were planning to send our children to Uplands Academy as it has a Year 12; what should we do now?
  • How can the school close Years 12 and 13 when Wadhurst was voted the best place to live in the UK in 2023?
  • Uplands Sports Centre is part of the school – will that also close?
  • Are the Upland’s Academy School fields safe, or will they be sold off?

The Consultation is now open and closes on Thursday 8th February.

Details can be found online at Uplands Academy sixth phased closure: consultation | Uplands Academy (

We have requested the Uplands Senior Leadership team to attend and address resident concerns.

Please join us at Tuesday 6th February 6 pm at The Pavilion, Sparrows Green Recreation Ground, South View Road, Wadhurst, TN5 6TW.