Wealden: Residents’ Satisfaction Survey launched for 2023

A residents’ survey is underway to find out how residents in the Wealden district feel about their local area.

The survey has been commissioned to be carried out by Opinion Research Services, on behalf of Wealden District Council to evaluate its performance.

Opinion Research Services is a fully compliant market research company with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and will be delivering the survey through telephone interviews with Wealden residents.

No personal information, contact details or databases have been shared by the council with Opinion Research Services at any time. All survey results are anonymous and contact details are never released to any other parties.

The telephone numbers used in this survey are selected at random using Random Digit Dialling (RDD), whereby random digits are chosen within desired area codes, and calls made for the purpose of research are exempt from Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

If you live in the Wealden district, you may receive a call between 6 September – 25 October.

Councillor James Partridge, Alliance for Wealden (Liberal Democrat), lead councillor for Governance, Community Leadership and Communications and leader of the council,

said, “Engaging with our communities is a top priority for us, so that the council delivers what Wealden residents and businesses want, and does it to their satisfaction.  We look forward to getting loads of feedback to the survey so that we can go on changing and improving what we do.”


For more information and to find out more about Opinion Research Services and see FAQS, please visit