Update from South East Water 27.7.22


I am pleased to let you know that all customers in Flimwell, Robertsbridge, Wadhurst and surrounding areas have had their tap water supplies restored overnight, however there may be some areas experiencing low pressure while our network continues to refill.


Within Mountfield there are airlocks in the pipework affecting supplies to very localised parts of the village which are preventing water reaching all customers. Our specialist technicians are currently releasing this air and water supplies should be fully restored by lunchtime.


Some customers in the area may see their water is cloudy or discoloured – this is normal after an interruption to supply and can be cleared by slowly running the cold kitchen tap.


As a precaution, bottled water stations are open at:

  • Robertsbridge Community College, Knelle Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5EA
  • Flimwell Village Hall, Courner Farm Close, TN5 7FE


Once again, we are very sorry for the disruption to taps water supplies following the series of bursts on our network, as well as the length of time to get everyone’s taps flowing again.


During this period of hot weather, between 11 July and 25 July, we have seen a 50 per cent increase in burst water mains across our supply area. This increase is a result of ground movement caused by the lack of rainfall and drying of the soil. We are reacting and repairing these as quickly as we can.