Southeastern Timetable Change and Strikes Next week

From 11th December Southeastern will be running a new timetable

New timetable designed to reduce delays and cancellations

The timetable reflects the way people now travel and includes changes that will improve overall punctuality across this part of the network. The simpler structure also means Southeastern has the flexibility to alter train services as demand changes.

We’ve changed some routes so that trains avoid crossing at busy junctions such as Lewisham and Tonbridge which causes delays, so you’ll have more trains on time, with fewer cancellations, meaning around 300,000 more station stops will be on time every year.

New connections available and a simpler timetable

There are connections at New Cross to the Overground from the Bexleyheath line and an increase from 2 to 4 trains per hour on the Bexleyheath line on a Sunday, a new service from Crayford, new services from Maidstone East to London Charing Cross and the reinstatement of Beckenham Junction to London Blackfriars trains.

You’ll have a more consistent timetable throughout the day, where trains leave the station at around the same time each hour, making journey planning easier.

We’re also removing First Class to make space for all who travel with us on our mainline trains.

And our simpler timetable is designed so that as more customers travel with us in future, it’s possible to add more trains, and takes other factors, such as future housing developments, into consideration. If you would like to share feedback on our December timetable please use our Contact form.

Industrial Action from Tuesday 14th December to Saturday 7th January 

Strike action is due to take place on our network on the following dates:

December 2022

  • Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14; Friday 16 and Saturday 17

January 2023

  • Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4; Thursday 6 and Saturday 7

Other industrial action

  • Sunday 18 December until Monday 2 January

During these dates there may be some disruption to our timetable due to an overtime ban by the RMT union. This could mean short notice cancellations and some trains not stopping at all stations. Please check before your travel.

We apologise for any inconvenience and disruption that this strike action will cause.

Travel advice for Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December

  • There will be a limited service running on our network and some routes will be closed. The national advice is please only travel if absolutely necessary. If you have to travel, plan ahead and check your first and last trains across all train operators.
  •  Online journey planners for travel up to Friday 16 December will be updated from 9 December. Journey planners for Saturday 17 December will be updated by Tuesday 13 December.
  • Only 44 out of 180 stations will be open. No rail replacement buses will serve stations that are closed.
  • You may be unable to board trains at stations where a limited service is running, especially at locations such as Ashford and Ebbsfleet.
  • The last trains back from London will be much earlier than usual – see timetable information below plus first and last trains.

Tuesday 13 December – Dartford lines, High Speed via AshfordSevenoaks line

Wednesday 14 December – Dartford lines, High Speed via Ashford, Sevenoaks line

Friday 16 December – Dartford lines, High Speed via Ashford, Sevenoaks line

First and last trains

Ashford International <> London St Pancras International via Ebbsfleet International
First train from Ashford: 07:48, last train: 16:37
First train from Ebbsfleet International: 08:07, last train: 17:05
First train from London St Pancras International: 08:35 (to Ebbsfleet International) or 08:49 (to Ashford International), last train: 17:33 (to both Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International)

Dartford <> London Bridge via Woolwich
First train from Dartford: 07:46, last train: 17:16
First train from London Bridge: 08:04, last train: 17:34 (calling at all stations except Woolwich Dockyard) or 18:04 (calling at Greenwich, Charlton, Woolwich Arsenal, Plumstead, Abbey Wood, Slade Green and Dartford)

Dartford <> London Bridge via Bexleyheath
First train from Dartford: 07:35, last train: 17:05
First train from London Bridge: 08:24, last train: 17:24 (calling at all stations) or 17:54 (calling at New Cross, St Johns, Lewisham, Blackheath, Eltham, Bexleyheath and Dartford)

Dartford <> London Bridge via Sidcup
First train from Dartford: 07:23, last train: 16:53
First train from London Bridge: 08:14, last train: 17:44

Sevenoaks / Orpington <> London Bridge
First train from Sevenoaks: 07:40 (fast to Orpington) or (08:21 calling at all stations), last train: 16:51
First train from Orpington: 07:16, last train: 17:26
First train from London Bridge: 07:56 (to Orpington) or 08:16 (to Sevenoaks), last train: 17:16 (to Sevenoaks) or 18:06 (to Orpington)

Online journey planners will be updated from Friday 9th December

Should the strike action go ahead, on these days only an extremely limited service will run. Please travel only if necessary. Online journey planners will be updated from Friday 9th December. For the latest information please visit our strike action page.

If strike action is cancelled

If the strike action is cancelled at short notice by the RMT before Tuesday 13 December we may not be able to immediately switch back to our normal timetable.

Rail services are built in complex, interrelated IT systems covering fleet, crew schedules and rosters. It takes some time to get everything back into place and more details will be published here if required.

Refunds and ticketing

Ticket holders can apply for a refund if they do not travel.

If you do travel and were delayed for 15 minutes or more, you are entitled to Delay Repay compensation.

More information

Further updates will be sent out in the coming days.

All of the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our dedicated webpage.

You can keep up-to-date here where we’ll post the latest information, follow us on Twitter, or you can sign up to receive service updates on the planned strike action.