Reusable Nappy Week supported by Wealden council

Reusable Nappy Week – 25 April-1 May – is being supported by Wealden District Council, which is offering free nappy trial kits to residents in the district.


A £25 deposit is required and is refunded on the return of the washable nappies after the trial.


Modern reusable nappies are easy to use and leave any hard work to the washing machine. Compared to disposable nappies, reusable ones are cheaper, kinder to your baby’s skin and on the environment.


Councillor Roy Galley, Wealden District Council’s portfolio holder for Waste Management, said, “The average baby will use at least 4,000 nappies up to potty training.  By using washable nappies, families can make a financial saving of up to £1,000 and more if the same nappies are used on subsequent children. There is also cost to our environment in using disposable nappies.


“Every year 3 billion disposable nappies are used in the UK. The carbon footprint of nappy usage can be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used and also 98% fewer raw materials are consumed.”


Wealden council’s nappy trial kits enable parents to try out different styles and materials to see which they like best before they buy a bulk pack. Free advice is available throughout the trial.


For more information on Wealden’s Nappy Trial Kit, please contact us at, or call 01323 443322.