Update from ESCC – Grass Cutting

Update from East Sussex County Council:

I wanted to get in contact and give you an update on the Rural grass cutting trial as we are nearly halfway through the grass cutting season.

First, it would probably be good to mention that so far this season we have had an unprecedented amount of rain which has created perfect growing conditions for grass. We are aware of this and are making sure that safety and visibility remains our priority. As always, if you see a problem you can report it as per normal via our website or through the East Sussex highways contact centre.

So far, the response to the trial and generally how we cut the grass has been mixed, however this is very usual in any grass cutting season.

As you are aware, feedback from the trial will be collated and reviewed along with any operational issues encountered, costs and an overview of the flora and fauna observed in the verges during the trial.

I wanted to ask whether you had any thoughts or feedback on how the trial is going so far?

If you prefer, there is a feedback form for you and your residents to use. We would also welcome any images that you may capture throughout the season.

As you are aware, the responses from this form will be reviewed once the trial has finished and we will then provide an overview of the trial and any next steps on the dedicated webpage.

Thank you for your time and feedback.