Be Kind Online

Wadhurst Parish Council 

Tensions always run high around election time and public debate is something that makes democracy great

However, officers, staff and Councillors are all human, therefore please try and be respectful in addressing each other and with your comments. Always remember Be Kind, you do not know what effect your comment could have on someone

A quick update, our Clerk has just returned from study leave and is receiving a handover from the Locum clerk who covered whilst she was away, so we hope you will please join us in welcoming her back. The Annual Assembly is a little way away on the 30th May but we look forward to this being an opportunity to bring residents together and showcase some of the wonderful community spirit that makes Wadhurst a great place to live.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to email the Clerk directly on

Wadhurst Parish Council Be Kind