Water supply issues – update 1030 hours 26.7.22

I’m writing to update you following the water supply issues in the Wadhurst, Robertsbridge and Etchingham areas.


The majority of customers should now have their supplies restored. Some maybe experiencing low pressure, however as the morning goes on pressure should increase and water return to all.

The bottled water station at Flimwell Village Hall, Corner Farm Close, TN5 7FE is open again today.

As the water returns, it may be cloudy or discoloured. This is normal and is caused by changes to pressure dislodging tiny deposits.

If the water is cloudy or white, just fill a glass and you’ll see it clear from the bottom up.

In most cases discoloured water is not harmful and can be cleared by running the cold kitchen tap until it clears.

Further information can be found on our website here.


Once again, I am extremely sorry for the disruption caused to your communities.


Steve Benton,

Incident Manager