As I said last month, we are again looking for a new member of the Parish Council.  No election was called, so we are now planning to co-opt someone – details are on the website and the noticeboard, and the closing date for applications is April 5th.  As I said last month, this is a great opportunity for a local person who wants to try being on the Parish Council to make an initial commitment for just a year, as there will be full elections in May 2019.  As always, we would particularly like to see some young people joining the Council, and it would be great if you were someone with experience of a sector or activity which is not currently represented.  If you’d like an informal chat about this, do ring me on the number below.

By the time you read this, hopefully you will have already taken action in relation to the threatened closure of our recycling site, but if not, please add your voice to the campaign.  We deplore the short sighted decision of East Sussex County Council to close Wadhurst Household Waste Recycling Centre as part of the cost cutting measures. Any decision to close the tip will increase fly tipping, reduce overall recycling, increase traffic and pollution on the roads to Crowborough, Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells, increase transport costs to residents and increase traffic movements across the Ashdown Forest.  You will probably have come across our petition by now in one of the shops in the village or have been accosted at the station.  We will be out in the village with it on Saturday mornings too.  In addition, can you please:

Also to keep reminding you, the Annual Parish Meeting will be on May 15th this year, where one of the main subjects will be the Neighbourhood Plan.  There will also be a formal launch of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation on the morning of Saturday May 19th – both events will be in the Commemoration Hall.  The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document, which will help us to create a vision of how we would like the village to be in say 20 years time.  Please do not sit back and let others define this vision for you – you can have a real influence if you get involved now.  Contact the Steering Group on 07757 141221 if you’d like to get involved, or email

We have now commissioned the work to make some of our most light-polluting street lights more dark-sky friendly.  I’d like to thank Phil Berry and the Wadhurst Astronomical Society for their help throughout this process, which has been a long one.  To complement this work, please do consider the lighting around your own home or business: could you replace lights which are on throughout the evening or even all night with motion-sensitive versions to reduce light pollution?  Do you really need those lights to be on at all? We had a meeting with representatives of Wealden District Council and the rail operators last month to talk about how to increase tourism in Wadhurst, and our dark skies could clearly be an important part of what we can offer visitors.

During the early part of March we were plagued by water- and power-cuts.  During this time, the communications from South East Water and UK Power were very poor, and we will be trying hard to get them to keep us more fully informed.  When our emergency plan is in place – and we hope this will happen long before there is another crisis – we should have a better network of people who are able to spread the word about that is happening and how to get help, but we are dependent on the utility companies to keep us informed in the first place.

Potholes, alas, are always with us, but are particularly bad at this time of year when the constant flow of water has damaged many road surfaces.  Please continue to report potholes to East Sussex County Council at, where there is a relatively user-friendly facility to pinpoint a pothole on a map.  And of course, drive carefully!

 Felicity Harvest

(Chair Wadhurst Parish Council)

 Contacts: tel 783226, or the Clerk (Amanda Barlow) – The Pavilion, Sparrows Green Recreation Ground, TN5 6TW, tel 07375 062428, email  Fiona Hensher, Finance Officer, address as above, email us on Twitter:  @wadhurstpc.  Website:  Or download the free Wadhurst Parish Council app for your Apple or Android mobile device.  Search for ‘Wadhurst Parish Council’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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