Uplands Academy Frontage – tree removal

We are receiving a lot of communication about tree removal to the front of Uplands Academy, and we hope the following clarifies any confusion over the involvement of the WPC in the Academy’s construction project.

Wadhurst Parish Council met with the Site Supervisor, Chair of Governors, and Head of Uplands Academy on Friday morning to discuss their voluntary plans to replant trees to the front of the school in advance of the trees being cut down on Tuesday. However, on inspection by the WPC’s tree experts it was confirmed that most of the trees scheduled for removal are healthy. The WPC therefore asked the Uplands representatives to delay cutting down the trees and reconsider retaining as many trees as possible.

The tree removal will have a significant effect on this sensitive part of the conservation area and the WPC feel the new footpath could easily be routed through the existing gaps in the healthy trees; therefore, achieving the Academy’s aims whilst protecting the environment and conservation area. We suggested that a pause would also give time to define and communicate their replanting plan. Unfortunately, the Head of Estates for the Academy has since confirmed that they are unable to delay the works, but they have agreed to retain one of the trees scheduled for cutting down (we are seeking clarification on which one).

We hope that, together with us and the Wadhurst Tree Warden, the Academy will be able to work with the community on a replanting plan to protect the conservation area and environment whilst achieving their aims.