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An update on water supply issues
Following our updates yesterday, we are urging you to share our appeal within your communities encouraging everyone to check their homes, business premises and fields for leaks on their pipes.

In the past week, we’ve found and repaired 463 complex leaks in our network. Specialist teams are working 24/7 locating and repairing leaks with each taking four to six hours to complete. In a normal week around 200 leaks are located and repaired.

Following analysis of these repairs, we now believe that following the rapid thaw, in the region of 70 per cent of water being now lost is on customers’ properties.

Please share our social media messaging and website information within your local communities urging people to check pipes within their homes and premises.

Yesterday we again saw an unprecedented demand for water which for the second day running increased by more than 100 million litres to over 620 million – the equivalent of adding almost three towns the size of Maidstone or Eastbourne to its network overnight.

We are continuing to focus our efforts on finding and fixing the bursts and leaks on our network of over 9000 miles of pipeline and our teams are doing everything possible to get water back to those customers currently without.

We are truly sorry for the disruption caused and know how much of an inconvenience it is. Your support in sharing the message asking people who have water to be mindful of their use as well as encouraging everyone to check their properties and premises for leaks and bursts is truly appreciated.

For the latest information on the locations and opening times of bottled water stations, please visit

There will be times when bottled water stations will need to temporarily close to restock. Water companies across the country are also experiencing high burst rates which has meant bottled water, HGVs and drivers are in high demand nationally. We are working hard to replenish supplies as quickly as possible and have additional resources and vehicles on the roads to bring water in to the area.

We continue to assess further sites for additional bottled water stations and we will update our website as soon as they are open.

Bottled water is continuing to be delivered to those highest priority customers on our Priority Services Register. For more information on this service, please visit

You and your communities can find the latest information here as well as details of what’s happening more locally, here.

We would be very grateful if you could share this information among your networks including the local social media groups.

Kind regards

Douglas Whitfield
Incident Manager

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