Time for Dementia – A unique opportunity for people with a dementia diagnosis and their carer or partner.


Would you like to take part in an award-winning training programme to help healthcare students improve their knowledge and understanding of what it is like to live or care for someone with a diagnosis of dementia?

The Time for Dementia project, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society is looking for families affected by dementia to meet with students from local universities either at home or virtually. Families will be paired with students and meet three times a year, enabling you to share your experiences and help train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and improve dementia care.

You can hear what some of our families think about taking part here:

For more information on how get involved, please contact 07858 678 962

or email . We are also happy to come along and talk to groups and organisations about the programme and how they can take part.


Comment from a person affected by dementia:

“I will do anything I can to help bring about changes. Time for Dementia is so important because if doctors and nurses can have a better understanding of people with dementia and their needs, their stay in hospital and their overall treatment is going to be much better.”