SE Water message from Incident Manager (1000 hours Sunday 19th June)

Good morning,


The majority of customers affected by this week’s water supply problems should now have full water supplies again. We are working to resolve issues which are continuing to affect a small number of properties in Wadhurst and Mayfield.


As water returns, it may be cloudy or discoloured. This is caused by natural deposits of iron and manganese, or air in the pipework, and is not harmful.


Discoloured water can be cleared by slowly running your cold kitchen tap until the water runs clear while white or cloudy water will disappear on its own.


You can find out more here.


Yesterday, we saw lower customer demand for water despite the warm weather which follows the introduction of a Temporary Use Ban (hosepipe ban), which was announced on Friday, 16 June.


We’d like to thank those who have had water this week for reducing their water use, allowing us to supply water to all our customers.


As a precaution, our bottled water stations in Rotherfield, Wadhurst, Mayfield and Headcorn have re-opened, however as supplies return we may look to stand these down later today.


Please see our website for the further details.


We understand that customers may have questions about compensation. Once we are certain that last week’s water supply problems are resolved we will confirm to you, and to eligible customers, what compensation we will provide.


Any compensation will be added automatically as a credit to our customers’ accounts.


Once again, we are so sorry for the disruption that this week’s supply problems have caused.


The demand for water we saw was higher than previous record-breaking levels we had seen during the Coronavirus pandemic and prior to last year’s Temporary Use Ban.


Steve Andrews

Incident Manager