S E Water update from Incident Manager 1028 hours 19th June 2023

Good morning,


All our customers affected by last week’s water supply problems now have full water supplies again.


Demand for water reduced considerably over the weekend due to a combination of the Temporary Use Ban (hosepipe ban) announcement, as well cooler, cloudier and wetter weather over the weekend.


While demand dropped 11 per cent between Thursday and Sunday, we are still extracting, treating and pumping more water than normal into the system.


We’d like to thank those who have had water this week for reducing their water use, allowing us to restore supply water to all our customers.


The two bottled water stations which remained open yesterday in Mayfield and Sparrows Green will close at midday today.


We are repairing a number of burst water mains across our network this morning which are being handled as business as usual and further updates can be found on our In Your Area Map on our website.


We will be writing to customers in the coming days to apologise for the problems and explain how compensation will be handled, but essentially payments will be made directly to customer accounts, they do not need to contact us.


Once again, we are very sorry for the disruption that the recent supply problems have caused.


Steve Andrews

Incident Manager