Winter weather property precautions

Practical steps to protect property

There are a number of simple, practical steps that can help to minimise the risk of escape of water and damage to property during the winter months. These include:


  • Ensuring that all pipes and water tanks are adequately lagged, and that properties are kept above 10℃ at all times
  • Fitting frost thermostats to ensure that boilers and heating systems come on automatically in cold periods
  • Inspecting and maintaining boilers and other heating systems under a full maintenance contract
  • Draining and disconnecting water pipes, tanks and heating systems in buildings that are permanently unoccupied
  • Insulating external water taps to protect them from frost
  • Clearing gutters of fallen leaves and debris to reduce the risk of overflowing water
  • Understanding the locations of stopcocks so that water can be quickly turned off in an emergency

(Source: Zurich Insurance)