Your local Community Cinema presents “Best of Men” on Wednesday 14th March 2018 in the Commemoration Hall Doors open at 7.15pm and programme starts at 7.45pm.

Based on the pioneering work of Dr Ludwig Guttman (played by Eddie Marsden) with paraplegic patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, it describes how the Paralympic Games originated.  He believed there was a better way to care for patients who are British servicemen through competitive exercise and sport as a way of encouraging physical exercise and building self-esteem, despite the pain and immobility.  Rob Brydon plays one of the patients, Wynn Bowen,  instrumental in setting up the first National Disability Sports Competition in the grounds of Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Tickets at the door £5 (16+ only) or £3 per film if you join for the season.

Details :

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