Message from Southern Gas Networks – replacement pipes – in Wadhurst

We are writing to let you know about our project to upgrade our gas pipe network in High Street, Wadhurst. You may be aware that our old metal gas pipes now need replacing with new PE (Plastic pipe), this essential work will ensure that the community continues to receive a safe and reliable gas supply.

In consultation with East Sussex County Council, our contractor, WCB Utilities who will be completing this project on our behalf, started work yesterday for approximately fourteen weeks.

Our project has been planned to work in the following roads.

Burnt lodge Lane-we will need to close Burnt Lodge Lane at the junction with the High Street to ensure the safety of everyone around our work site. This closure will be in place from today for approximately four weeks. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses and a signed diversion will be in place.

As the project progresses, our engineers will be working in different roads, we will have temporary multi-way signals in place at the following junctions to safely manage the traffic flow

Lymden Lane – at the junction with the High Street

High Street – at the junctions with Burnt Lodge Lane and Shovers Green

Tolhurst Lane – At the junction with the High Street

Shovers Green – At the junction with Ticehurts Road and the High Street.

Wards Lane – At the junction of the High Street

Ticehurst Road – At the junction with Moseham hill and the junction with Shovers Green

Stonegate Road – At the junction of Shovers Green

Moseham Hill – At the junction of Brinkers Lane and the junction with Ticehurst Road

Darbys Lane – At the junction with Ticehurst Road

Lower High Street – At the junction with Brinkers Lane and outside Wesley House.

Brinkers Lane – At the junction with Lower High Street


We understand that people can get frustrated by roadworks, and therefore we only use traffic management that we feel is efficient enough to complete these works safely for ourselves and the public.


We’re writing to residents and other local stakeholders to make them aware of our project and explain the details of our work. Please feel free to also share this information with anyone you think may be impacted by our project.