Extra Meeting of Full Council

Thursday 4th September 2018 at 7.30pm

in Sparrows Green Recreation Ground Pavillion

to finalise Parish Council response to

Wealden Local Plan 2018.

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  • Sally Bishop

    Why does this say an extra meeting of full council on 4th October and then underneath say it will be on 4th September?

  • Rosie Rinker

    Hi is anyone allowed to come along? Can we raise other points to be discussed rather than just discussing response Wealden local plan? Thanks.

    • Council Administrator

      All our meetings have a Public Forum at which parishioners can say what they feel is important for Councillors to hear.

  • Julian Mamlok

    Wadhurst Parish Council should reject the draft Wealden Local Plan 2018 insofar as it affects Wadhurst for numerous reasons. Wealden District Council has demonstrated that it is not fit to prepare a new Local Plan in accordance with the NPPF 2018 or its predecessor through the recommendations and decisions it has taken on sites such as the extension of housing at Wadhurst College and the disgraceful decision at Old Station Road.
    Furthermore, proposals for the Commemoration Hall and field are contrary to local wishes and the interests of Wadhurst. If a new surgery is allowed, it will be no more than a Trojan horse allowing hundreds more houses to be built in the parish when the other components of local infrastructure are completely over burdened and will not be improved, despite CIL etc.
    When WDC declared Wadhurst to be a local service centre, it was obvious what was going on. However, both banks are closed as is the greengrocer; other shops are empty and the problems of traffic congestion and a lack of parking when most needed still remain.

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