This document has been approved by the Full Council and for the period 12th August to the 7th October 2018 representations can be made on any aspect of the plan and forwarded to Wealden District Council. Any representations will then be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and will become a part of the evidence base the appointed Inspector will consider.

The Parish Council may wish to make its own representations and to that end, it has been determined that immediately after the Planning Committee meetings on the Saturdays 4th and 18th August and 1st September, the Committee will consider aspects of the plan with an ambition to make a full report to the Full Parish Council meeting on the 13th September.

The subject areas to be discussed at those meetings are as follows:

Saturday 4th August Air Quality, Environmental, Strategic Growth Plans, Transport, Landscape and the Economy which are outlined in pages 1 to 115 of the Plan

Saturday 18th August Sustainable settlement policy pages 237 to 258 of the Plan

Saturday 1st September Various policies, Rural Economy, Housing, Health and Well Being, Environment, Waste and Communications pages 451 to 525. Any other concerns.

Members of the Wadhurst community are invited to attend if they have a positive contribution to make to the subject under discussion.

Cllr R Bullock MBE

Chairman WPC Planning Committee

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