More train services from 21 May

We’ve made changes in response to feedback

Here at Southeastern we have been listening to stakeholder and customer feedback and using journey data to assess how customers are travelling following the introduction of our December 2022 timetable.

Having reviewed this data, we will be making the following changes to our summer timetable, operational from 21 May:

  • 29 additional trains every weekday, Monday to Friday
  • 34 additional trains on Saturdays compared to December 2022
  • On every weekday 25 of our trains will now have more carriages than before, to provide extra capacity on some of our busiest services.

In addition to this, we want your journeys with us to be on new, newer or refurbished trains. So, on weekends, we’re providing more services on our newest Class 707 ‘City Beam’ trains than before.

More train services from May

Some of these additional services are operating now. Your feedback also means we’re making some changes to our timetable from May 2023 to provide extra capacity where we know it’s most needed:

Bexleyheath Line

From May, on the Bexleyheath Line, every weekday and on Saturdays we will offer an hourly direct off-peak service to Charing Cross. That will mean over 300 direct services will run weekly on that route.

Sidcup Line

On the Sidcup Line we are introducing additional peak services on weekdays:

  • 07.03 Crayford to Charing Cross via Sidcup – this should mean the 06:40 Strood to Charing Cross is less crowded
  • 17.43 Charing Cross to Dartford via Sidcup providing more capacity at the busiest time of day
  • 05.24 / 05.54 / 06.24 / 06.54 Dartford to Charing Cross will start from Crayford

We’ll continue to monitor demand and listen to your feedback as we do so.

Changes require no additional taxpayer funding

Southeastern is a public-sector, not for profit, organisation. The changes we introduce this May will generate more revenue than cost, which enables us to provide additional services on these routes with no need for additional taxpayer funding.

Whilst passenger demand is currently not sufficient to cover the cost of further off-peak direct services into Charing Cross on the Bexleyheath line and the other changes desired in other areas of our network by both stakeholders and customers,  we are committed to keeping our timetable under review, further enhancing our services and continuing to improve customer experience.

We will continue to listen and adapt services as travel habits change.

Further information

You can check your train times now by using our online journey planner. Alternatively, you can visit our timetable page.