Maintenance at Jardin d’Aubers

The pond in the right hand side of the fire station which is next to Green Square, had been neglected for a number of years. A representative for the amenities committee on the Parish Council met the contractor on site several times before any work was done, to plan what would be done in the first phase. The Parish Council were very careful in selecting a contractor with the appropriate skills and experience of working in sensitive sites. We were very aware about disturbing any wild life but in the visits to the site it is safe to say nothing was observed in this area.

To understand what phase one is we must look to what we want to achieve  with this area.  Firstly, the PC must ensure the fence is secure. To do this all the vegetation must be cleared from the fence so any repairs can be identified and carried out. Secondly, we must not have trees that block the view down the road when a fire engine has to leave the station. This will also help with getting light onto the pond and improve the viability of the pond. Lastly, the parish council wish to create a wild life garden with multiple habitats in the area to attract as many different species as possible.

To create a wildlife garden is an small urban environment needs good planning, a wide variety of planting out and more importantly maintenance.  Do begin the planning we needed to clear out what was there  so we could have access to the pond.  In doing so a number of new log piles have been created. Now we have done that we can start to discuss what come next and your views are always welcome. So, do we need to dig out the pond to raise the water level  or raise the out let drain to have the same effect. What is now clear is that this ponds needs more water to support wildlife.

Next we need to work out a plan to introduce new planting in the area  to create new habitats.  We will also be adding bird and bat boxes. We will also look to improve access to the area and add viewing platforms where we can.

In  summary the Parish Council are clear that we are developing this area as a well maintained wildlife area which will attract many species and in couple of years will be a great attraction. We are very sorry that the first phase looks a bit drastic but be assured this area will be much improved over the next two years. Please bear with us and better still get involved and bring you ideas to the council.