Jardin d’Aubers update on maintenance and plans

The Parish Council has appointed a new contractor to look after the Jardin for the next twelve months. This follows the open tender process which the council has to follow for all contracts.

With the help of the environmental team at Wealden and wildlife experts within Wadhurst, we shall be enhancing the condition of the right hand pond, to encourage various species of wildlife, together with a viewing platform.

Over the coming year there will be significant changes to the appearance of the garden as requested in the tender process. The changes will take a few years to come to full fruition. This first year will see the lawn area to the left of the fire station returned to a more open space. The wild flowers the wildflowers will be moved to create a stunning backdrop to the lawn and in addition, extensive wildflower planting and logged areas, will be seen on the right hand garden. The fence line around both pond areas will be cleared so the fence can be properly inspected and repaired.  The gravel area will be improved to provide better access for buggies and wheelchairs.

The borders around the left-hand lawn will be tidied up and new planting will be introduced including roses such as Loving memory – red, Thinking of you – Red, Mum in a million – Pink, Always you, Salmon Pink and At Peace – Creamy white.

A minimum amount of work will be done in the left-hand pond area after nesting. Some of the thick bush will be removed to allow more species to be introduced. The area around the right-hand pond will see more of it cleared to allow light into the area. Some of the trees will need to be cut back as they are now blocking the view down the road for the fire engines when they exit the station. This year will also be planning what needs to be done to further enhance the pond areas and to make them accessible. We will be looking at creating a boardwalk and more seating around the ponds, information boards and a new village notice board. As always, we will welcome any suggestions you may have.