Information re water leaks from South East Water

What to do if you have a water leak at home
As the snow and ice starts to melt over the coming days it can result in leaking taps and burst pipes in the home.

We want to make sure everyone is aware of what they need to do in case this happens to them.

Please share our top tips and information below throughout your communities and to help, we’ve also produced some template social media messages, newsletter wording and posters which you can share through your channels to help spread the word.

To download all those pre-prepared materials, visit this page on our website.
If your pipes have burst

  1. Turn off your stop tap
  2. Turn off electrics at the fuse box if water is leaking near any electrical appliances
  3. Open all taps to drain the system quickly
  4. Soak up/block off escaping water with thick towels
  5. Call a qualified plumber. To find your nearest WaterSafe accredited plumber visit
  1. If water has leaked near your electrics or into any electrical appliances, switch them off at the mains
  1. Turn off taps once the pipework is repaired to avoid further flooding

If your pipes have frozen

  1. Turn off the water supply at the stop tap
  2. Slowly thaw the pipe with a warm towel (we recommend using your tumble dryer or soaking them in warm water) or a hairdryer, starting at the end nearest to the tap. Never use a naked flame or blowtorch

We have further advice, as well as details of how to keep homes nice and toasty as well as protected from the cold on our website in the link below.