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With the Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Graham Wells on holiday, I am pleased to be writing to you all this month.


How can we Treasure our Environment?

One of the major comments coming out of the Annual Village Meeting a few weeks ago was how much Wadhurst residents value our rural setting.  In the exercise identifying the things we liked about the village, over half of those attending specifically noted the surrounding countryside as being something they treasured.   In the Parish Council we are responding to your comments and are looking to manage our roadside verges in a way that will enhance the development of wild flowers and wildlife.  In the past East Sussex County Council has undertaken the cutting of the verges around the village. The vigorous growth of the verges in the village and in the lanes this year is not only a result of a very wet spring, but also the reduction by the County Council in the number of cuts from four to two a year as part of their cost cutting measures.  Reducing the cuts to two does give us the opportunity to encourage the development of wild flowers, if the cuts are taken at the right time and managed appropriately!  We have therefore agreed with the County Council that if they gave us the funding we would arrange for the verges to be cut at the optimum time of year.  We will be approaching the communities around the village in the coming months to ask local residents whether they would like to mow the verges near their houses more frequently or whether they would prefer to increase biodiversity and develop wildlife verges.


A number of residents have formed Wadhurst Community Gardeners to help improve the quality and biodiversity of our urban spaces.  Helen Yemm (garden writer and lecturer) and Nessie Ramm (a local artist) are acting as consultants to introduce proven techniques of transitioning grassland into rich wild-life meadow.  You will be pleased to know that the wildlife meadow at the Jardin d’Aubers, outside the fire station, has been re-seeded and selected triangles in Wadhurst have been selected to use these techniques.


The Future of Wadhurst Recycling Centre is in the Balance

Cllr Bob Standley and I delivered the Village’s petition with 2,684 signatures to the Chair of ESCC at the close of the consultation on May 15th.  The Chair of the Parish Council and I have been invited to speak to the Cabinet of the County Council on June 25th before they make their decision.  I would like to thank the students from Uplands and the Wadhurst Primary School for all they have done to raise this issue in their schools and further afield.


Have your say in the Rail fares consultation 
The Parish Council has been asked to respond to a public consultation on rail fares that is being conducted by the train operator companies.  The consultation asks about various options for charging train fares. A prominent example is the idea of making discounts for off-peak travel higher or lower, with compensating increases or decreases in peak hour fares. Another example is changing the way in which reductions are offered to regular travellers.

While the Parish Council will respond (and will take account of residents views) it is also urging members of the public to respond directly. You can do this by visiting If you would like to raise points for the Parish Council to consider in its submission, please email them to For those who prefer not to work online, copies of the survey will be available in Carillon Cottage”


Local Wealden Plan

After over two years of consultation the Wealden Plan is about to be published.  The Plan frames development within the District over the coming years. Wealden report that the Proposed Submission Wealden Local Plan will be published for the Joint Planning Committee on 6th July 2018.


Get involved in determining our Future of our village

What will the village look like in 10, 20 or 30 years?  The Neighbourhood Plan identifies what the community decides our vision should be and what needs to happen to achieve that vision. The Neighbourhood Plan sits alongside the Wealden Plan and must be taken into consideration by the planning authorities when making decisions on local developments.  If you want to help shape our future, there are lots of opportunities for getting involved.  Speak to Jonathon Bishop, the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or one of the Wadhurst Parish Councillors on the Group (Chris Morris, Lynda Moore, Felicity Harvest). Email: or visit the website:  Thank you.


Anthony Dunnett

Vice Chair, Wadhurst Parish Council

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